Upholstery cleaning

Our company offers the service of sofas, armchairs, chairs (both leather and textile), as well mattress cleaning.
Upholstery cleaning has a great importance in keeping your house or office in order and purity.

Cleaning includes the following stages:

  1. General cleaning. The surface is treated with some special chemical agent that helps to split the dirt
  2. Local cleaning. Separate places with some steady dirt (stains, oily spots, chewing gums, etc.) are treated with some extra attention and efforts
  3. Rinsing: At this stage, using special equipment all the chemical means and reagents that dissolved the existent dirt are washed out by vacuum method
  4. Drying: The final stage that finishes cleaning

We advise you to clean your upholstery regularly, several times per year. These precautionary measures will keep your upholstery originally fresh and clean.

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