Snow removal

In winter we can help you with your roof, gutter as well as downspouts cleaning out of snow, ice-cover and icicles.  This kind of service is an absolute necessity during the winter period, because huge cluster of snow masses, concentrated on the roofs, may cause the damages of roof covering, as well as downspouts. Obviously, the preventive measures will save you from unforeseen expenses on the sequent repair works. Moreover, snow and ice masses clusters on the roofs are extremely dangerous for the passers-by, as well as for the cars, parked nearby.

For your convenience, we can offer the following services

  • One-time service of your roof cleaning;
  • Contracting on the matter of seasonal cleaning, including the constant monitoring of your roof condition and its cleaning either by means of necessity or by your request.

Please request a free estimate or for more information on roofs cleaning services, call us at +371 67 600 800, or contact us by e-mail: We will be glad to answer all of your questions!