Office cleaning

Let our company serve you, suggesting a cleaning program that would be optimal for your particular office and would satisfy your company’s needs. Spotless and shining office plays an important role in the company stuff enthusiasm rising, as well as it is a kind of business card, advertising your company.

Our professional stuff that specializes in daily office cleaning will provide you with the careless way to keep the favorable working atmosphere in your office day by day. We would do our work and you would have an opportunity to focus your attention on your own business and do not pay it to those peculiarities such as keeping your office clean. It is doesn’t matter whether you need cleaning service daily, weekly or monthly, we will do our best to suggest you the cleaning schedule that would satisfy you and cope with your company needs.

Generally cleaning schedule includes the following services:

  • Toilets cleaning and disinfection
  • Waste collection, removal and utilization
  • Stairs and lifts cleaning
  • Floors sweeping, washing and cleaning by vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning at the entrance, reception desk and hall
  • Door-handles, telephone sets, switches sweeping and disinfection
  • Kitchen cleaning, incl. sinks, surfaces, microwave, toaster and refrigerator, etc.
  • Vacuum cleaning of horizontal surfaces
  • Floors washing
  • Cleaning of all the lighting units, screens, walls, windowsills, etc.
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Windows and blinds cleaning.

But remember that our mission is to satisfy particularly YOUR people and YOUR company needs!

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