General cleaning

The general cleaning of premises is not performed too often, although it is one of the most important and noticeable types of cleaning, which requests a proper approach.

Below are listed some cases when your premises request for general cleaning:

  • Moving in to premises after a long idle standing. In this case, there are lots of actions needed to be carried out, because the apartments could await its owners with some unpleasant surprises
  • Moving in to new premises. It could be quite unpleasant to make the things with the others belongings out, to clean the toilet facilities or try to rub the dirt out of the places that are difficult of access. It is much easier to call the professionals and charge them with the general cleaning
  • When you have a necessity to clean the premises, but, unfortunately, you have a lack of time or you have no any will to clean by your own. As well as regular general cleanings in offices or houses, this is the most demanded type of service
  • The situation when general cleaning is needed before the important guests’ arrival also should be taken into account
  • Before the long-time lease of premises, the general cleaning would be advisable. The better your premise looks, the more attractive it becomes for the possible lessee
  • The necessity to hand the premises over to the owner in the same condition you accepted
  • After construction or some serious decoration works. Construction waste removal, dusting, as well as cleaning of all the surfaces will let you put your premises into operation straight away
  • Cleaning after household accidents. Fire or flood could leave some unpleasant marks on the furniture, walls and ceilings, that is why this kind of cleaning becomes a real torture, in case you decide not to call the professionals
  • After the parties, celebrations and social events. Sometimes you don’t have any wish or even might to wash the dishes or clean the carpet, but there are some cases when it all needed to be done as quickly as possible. The only way to manage it is to call the professionals.

The quality of general cleaning presented by our company, is much higher than the quality could be achieved by you, even you bend all the possible efforts. We use the professional cleaning tools and equipment, as well as special cleaning agents. The stuff of our cleaning company is very experienced and highly trained, as well as perfectly correct.

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