Carpets cleaning

Professional carpets cleaning will create an atmosphere of coziness in your home or office, as well as will make it more nice and delicate! Dirt is seen well on the hard surfaces, but as concerns carpets, the dirt gets inside the fiber deepest layers very quick and remains there for ever. Dirt together with abrasive effect of constant feet motion will bring your carpet’s life to the end and you’ll be forced to change it.

We can help to keep the quality and beauty of your carpets for a long time!

In the system of deep cleaning self-neutralizing agents that clean all the dirt out of fiber are used, and as a result your carpets become clean and fresh again. Our specialists on carpets cleaning use chemicals and shampoos, which are non-toxic, but hypoallergenic; their quick extinction ensures the professional results.

It is needed to be pointed out that all the carpet manufacturers give the recommendation to carry the carpets professional cleaning every 12/24 months, but some note professional cleaning, as a mandatory condition of guarantee service. Carpets, which are located in the high attendance places, request cleaning more often. Let us to prolong your carpets life by the help of professional carpet cleaning!

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